Google Maps finally starts its “dark mode”

Google Maps is one of the few Google tools that does not have the recognized “dark mode”, which shows the background of the screen in black instead of white and offers better viewing conditions for the human eye as well as a considerable saving on drums.

However, this is imminent. This was announced by Google, which is why Google Maps is adding other tools with this “night” mode such as Gmail, YouTube or Google Docs.

The company has confirmed this will launch its “Dark Mode” option in the next few days at least for Android devices. The functionality has been in test mode in the Android operating system app since last September. Once certain stability issues are fixed, Google can officially launch them.

Until now, Google Maps is allowed to change the color of the screen and obscure, but there was no “dark topic” as such. This can now be found in the Android application’s configuration options – it will be activated for all users in the coming days – and includes not only dimming the screen, but also improvements in terms of brightness or the introduction of a background-specific screen.

What’s new in Google Auto

In addition to the dark theme in Google Maps, the company has also presented news in Google Auto, Google’s browser for cars, which will also have a dark mode but add more features.

Among other things, you can now play games on Google Auto that can be activated with the Google Voice Assistant. All you have to do is say “Hey Google, let’s play” to start a game of Trivial, Jeopardy, or Song Quiz. It can be a distraction for the driver, but something interesting for the passengers while driving.

In addition to this novelty, it was announced that Google Auto will allow the screen to be split in two to display Google Maps at a glance along with the rest of the options available.

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