Google Maps guide in airports and shopping malls

Google Maps just got one of its biggest updates and more than added it a hundred new features to the latest version of the tool. Among the most noticeable is the ability to guide the user within large areas such as shopping malls or airports thanks to the use of augmented reality in Live View.

With Live View support through indoor maps, Google Maps can now help you find your destination in large areas. Instead of the traditional zenith or three-dimensional map associated with GPS applications, or even viewing both at the same time, the screen is shown in expanded reality the information on which path to follow in order to reach the goal. Together with arrows that hover over the images captured by the front camera, distance and direction information is provided.

The result is very similar to the previous live view, only this time the base of the images captured by Google Maps is not used, but live and from the first person perspective of the userwhich allows the mobile phone to be moved around according to the indications displayed on the screen over what the camera is capturing.

In addition to the directions to get to the selected destination, instructions are displayed with information about Tourist Attractions such as ATMs, public toilets or baggage counters at airports.

The only requirement to access this feature is that the smartphone be compatible with augmented reality, which is what the best iOS and Android phones usually have. In addition, this new Live View feature is currently only available in some shopping malls in cities in the United States such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Seattle.

Google has ensured that usage locations, including airports like Tokyo and Zurich, will be expanded over the next few months. At the end of this year, coverage will gradually be extended to more and more cities.

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