Google Maps now shows air quality

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Google Maps has updated its applications for both iOS and Android operating systems and now includes a new layer that measures Air Quality. So it will no longer be necessary to consult a separate app to know the level and quality of the air.

In the United States, Google uses data from the state agency EPA to provide the air quality in each location

From now on, thanks to this tool integrated in Google Maps, the AQI (Air Quality Index) level is shown directly on any part of the map, using official data provided by the government.

For example, in the United States the tool provides data from state agencies such as the EPA and in other countries it will do the same with similar official bodies. With this information, Google Maps will indicate how healthy the air is anywhere in the world and in real time.

In addition, to provide real street-level data, Google Maps in the United States will employ the PurpleAir sensor network, which will provide hyperlocal information that will be included in the application’s maps.

Another company Google has partnered with to provide this service in the United States is Breezometer, a firm that collects air pollution levels up to five meters above the ground.

When navigating Google Maps, users will be able to click on the points that show the Air Quality Index for more information on the impact that quality has on people’s lives, as well as data such as the latest time of measurement and the source that was used. Links of interest will also be provided, for example, to Wikipedia, or to state agencies.

Thanks to this new tool, Google Maps users will be able to choose the best clean air when planning a getaway. The tool joins other layers already launched by Google Maps in the past that allow, for example, to know the risk of smoke in a certain area.

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