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Google Maps has three display options– the default setting is the default map view; the relief view, which shows the heights of the terrain, and the satellite view, which composes the maps with real images. The standard shape is used by default, and users were able to check that their colors often do not match the characteristics of the terrain: a green area on the map may correspond to an area with no vegetation, and a yellowish area may correspond to a location with a good number of plants.

Google Maps has been updated to show maps more realistically and better represent natural environments on maps

A new update for Google Maps will be released from today The standard view is more reliable in rendering environments which are navigated. In this way, the green areas correspond to areas with vegetation, the desert areas have a yellowish color and the snow areas are shown with a white color.

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This is achieved by applying an algorithm that transforms the images captured by the satellite. This is pretty accurate as it allows you to differentiate between areas of dense vegetation, such as a forest, and environments with thinner vegetation. The update affects all areas covered by Google Maps with a total of 220 countries and territories.

In addition, Google will gradually release another update over the coming months that will describe the urban areas in much more detail. This improvement shows sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and other urban elements that make navigating unfamiliar cities a lot easier and easier This is of great help to users who are concerned about elements of accessibility. something that had already affected the app.

Google Maps update

According to Google, enhancing the visualization of urban environments will be available in London, San Francisco and New York in the coming months. Cities to which other cities will be added.

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