Google Maps shows the density of confirmed COVID-19 cases

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Google Maps will be adding a new layer this week that will allow users to view the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the region of the map they are investigating. The feature will be available in all areas covered by Google Maps for both Android and iOS.

With the new COVID-19 layer from Google Maps, users can see the density of positive cases of coronavirus anywhere in the world

To use this new feature, click the Layer button in the top right corner of the application and click «COVID-19 information«. Here, users can see the average of confirmed positive cases of coronavirus per 100,000 population over the past seven days in the part of the map that is being observed.

The user You can see this information on the map in different colorsThis indicates the density of confirmed cases in an area. A gray area indicates less than one case, yellow from one to 10 cases, orange from 10 to 20, dark orange from 20 to 30, red from 30 to 40 and dark red from more than 40 cases. It also shows whether the cases are increasing or decreasing in each area.

Goggle Maps Coronavirus

The idea behind Google is that Maps users can quickly identify the frequency of cases in an area and act on that information to maximize their safety. This way card users know which areas to avoid crowds and other risky activities.

Google will use information from trusted sources to develop its maps, including Wikipedia, the New York Times, and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, which in turn receive information from governments, hospitals, and the World Health Organization. Health.

Adding this layer to Google Maps is the company’s latest move to fight the coronavirus. Google had previously launched its information portal on the pandemic and, among other things, even enabled users to play for free in Google Stadia during the suspension.

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