Google Maps will show the crowds for Christmas shopping

Image from Google Maps

The Christmas campaign is usually the one that brings together the largest number of customers in shopping areas, which can cause large crowds in the streets, mainly due to the purchases associated with these dates.

Google Maps will offer information about the number of pedestrians in streets and shopping centers, allowing to avoid crowds at Christmas time

This leads to thousands of people to walk through shopping malls and central streets full of shops causing the usual crowds of pedestrians. To try to avoid them Google Maps has incorporated a new feature that lets you know in which areas there are a large number of pedestrians to choose alternative routes.

This is an extension with respect to the information already offered by Google Maps with respect to the occupation in public transport and certain commercial establishments, even offering forecasts depending on the “traffic” detected throughout the week.

This information is added to that offered for some time Google Maps on indoor spaces in places like airports or shopping centers, information that goes far beyond a simple guided by these sometimes complex spaces, adding data such as opening hours of establishments, customer reviews, tables of prices in restaurants or availability of parking spaces.

This time it is about adding a layer of information and about the amount of pedestrians in a shopping area, which can be used both for avoid too crowded spaces due to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and to avoid waiting and queuing in crowded shops.

The new feature will be available, as indicated from Google, in time for the start of the holiday shopping seasonbut at the moment no specific date has been announced when it can be activated for both iOS and Android apps.

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