Google Meet adds dynamic backgrounds to video conferencing

In the next few weeks, Google Meet will integrate animated background options for video conferences in both the web version and the mobile app.

Google Meet launched the static funds in October, but is now daring with three options for dynamic funds

Last October, Google Meet took on the role of. added add static backgrounds. Now expand this possibility with the arrival of the Video funds, which from the next 30. In addition, the video monies will also get into the Google Meet app for both iOS and Android “in the coming months”, as Google has emphasized without specifying a specific date.

Google Meet initially offers three alternatives for choosing these animated video backgrounds: a classroom, a party, and a forest. Only these three will be available for now, but Google is making sure they offer more options soon.For users of the web version, they are available from version 87 in Google Chrome, with the only restriction being disabled by default in Google Workspace for Education accounts.

By default, the option to allow users to choose dynamic backgrounds in Meet video conferencing is disabled in Google Workspace for Education Accounts. The rest of the home and business users have the option turned on by default.

By these means the background left by the user is eliminatedby adding animation that provides a dynamic component to introduce a fun component to a more informal video call, as well as to Maintain privacy For example, during video conferences or if you do not want to show the surroundings of the virtual meeting.

They can be an optimal solution for attracting attention. However, if you want to personalize your video call with your own background, here are websites where you can download curious backgrounds for your online meetings.

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