Google Meet adds external noise cancellation for Android and iOS

Cancel noise Google Meet

Google Meet, Google’s video calling tool, has added external noise cancellation to its mobile apps for iOS and Android. This functionality was released back in early June, although it was only available for the desktop version.

The noise cancellation feature is now available in the mobile version of Google Meet for iOS and Android

With this tool, users of the mobile version of Google Meet can now also suppress ambient noise that occurs around them when making a video call. Cars passing near the location, dogs barking, children screaming, or a heavy object falling to the ground are no longer heard. Starting today, users of the mobile iOS and Android versions of Google Meet can take advantage of this functionality and hold their meetings without fear of microphone noise that could disturb other users.

According to Google, the Google Meet cell phone noise feature is already available to all users, although it is being rolled out gradually. Some may not have them yet. The company has given all G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise For Education users three days to use it.

However, this feature is not available to G Suite Basic, G Suite Business (small businesses), G Suite for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofits (nonprofits) users. In some countries like South Africa and the United Arab Emirates it will not be available at this time.

How to Use Noise Cancellation in Google Meet for Mobile

The noise cancellation feature is disabled by default in mobile apps. Those who have it activated will need to follow the steps below to activate it:

– Sign in to your Google Meet account.

– Press the «More» button, which is represented by three vertical dots.

-Find the setting area represented by a gear.

-Activate the «Noise Reduction» which appears under the available options.

Google Meet is free to use, but only until September 30th. From that day on, it will be a two-version platform, a limited free one with video calls of up to 60 minutes in length, and a premium platform that offers all functions in unlimited ways.

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