Google Meet adds new dynamic backgrounds for video calls

Google Meet new logo

Making video calls has become a constant for many users, both personally and professionally, especially in the wake of months of confinement and the subsequent evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new dynamic backgrounds are only available to paid Google Workspace users

So much so that the different apps for video conferencing try to offer small solutions that make these communications a little less boring while still allowing you to retain a little privacy even though you’re connecting from home (or any other private place).

In this sense, Google Meet, Google’s video calling app, has for months now had some immersive, unique backgrounds that allow you to make the communication simulating that you are in another place and, moreover, in motion. That is, the video call is not made on a fixed panel, a static photograph, but on a background that has depth and in which you can see small details.

Now Google Meet has launched new dynamic backgrounds that include animations and that allow you to pretend that you are carrying out the videoconference from a cafeteria (from whose windows you can see the rain falling or even snow, or a sunny environment, to the user’s liking) or in an interior office.

These new dynamic backgrounds are in addition to those that allowed video calls to be made from a recreation of a spaceship, from the seabed, from a beach with palm trees, at a party with other people dancing, or with animated characters in a school classroom.

Along with this new feature, Google Meet now allows users to customize their videos with light and color filters, as well as stylized backgrounds. These can be selected in a “Green room” that is enabled before a video call starts by tapping on the three dots icon and indicating “Apply visual effects”.

Mind you, these backgrounds are only available to users of the paid version of Google Meet through Google Workspace. Users of free Google accounts will not have this dynamic functionality for their video calls.

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