Google Meet adds new visual effects for video calls

Google Meet new logo

Video calls and video conferences through Google Meet will be able to easily vary the background of the user’s stay thanks to the new effects added by the platform.

Google Meet’s new backgrounds can be static or dynamic

Everything is handled from a settings panel that makes it extremely easy to choose the background that will appear after the user during a virtual meeting. From the usual icon of the three dots where you access the Google Meet settings now also has a new menu where you can select between different backgrounds but also can configure parameters such as the intensity of the blurring that applies to them.

The menu of Google’s video calling app shows a grid from which to select from a variety of backgrounds, which can also be static, dynamic, or custom. There is an option to make a preview so that the result can be checked before starting a video call or a video conference, and various adjustments can be made through the “Audio and video” or “Effects” tabs.

google Meet effects

This allows you to verify that the added effects offer a suitable result, in addition to checking that the lighting or framing are as desired, but also allows you to check the optimal operation that present the different devices involved in the communication. Thus, a preliminary test of the microphone, headphones or speakers or the configuration, if any, with multiple monitors can be performed before starting the communication.

In addition to this preliminary test, there is now also a test relating to the appearance of virtual effects and backgroundsso that they can be modified, changed or adjusted if necessary before the video call or video conference starts.

The visual effects included in Google Meet were introduced today and will be available gradually over the next few weeks.

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