Google Meet allows you to customize the audio and video before starting the video call

If you use a video calling application regularly, either for personal reasons to get in touch with family and friends, or for professional reasons to hold meetings with your co-workers, supervisors, or prospects, you know the worst part is not knowing how they see you when your camera is on and how they hear you when you connect.

Google Meet opens a new window where the user can adjust their picture before joining a video call

Believe it or not, there are still video calling apps out there that don’t give the user a picture of what it’s going to look like and that allow the microphone to be tested before entering. That said, when you hit “Connect” there are some dreaded seconds of adjusting the camera frame, turning up the lights … and making others wait for the perfect shot … or maybe the audio not working properly …

This was previously the case with Google Meet. However, the company has just announced the introduction of a “Green Room” (an English word that refers to the backstage or backstage of the stage) that will be activated prior to joining a video conference, allowing both images to adjust audio.

From now on you can press a button before accessing the video call «Check your audio and video data“Right below the picture. This will open a new window – your “Green Room” – where you can adjust the frame and focus of the camera, its brightness … and individually check all the devices you have connected.

So you can choose the microphone and check the level and quality of the audio, choose other screens to share during the meeting … and so on. You can also configure whether the video or microphone should be activated first, for example if you want to join the meeting silently.

It seems obvious, but not all apps have it or it’s not very accessible. In Skype, for example, it’s not easy to use, and other tools like Jitsi don’t have these previous controls in their free versions.

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