Google Meet enables video calls from the television

Google Meet updates

Google has added a new feature to Google Meet, its premium paid video calling platform, which is currently available for free until September 30th. This allows users to stream virtual meetings on their TVs and improve the home office environment. .

Stream video calls from Google Meet to the TV with the “On Cast” function to get away from cell phones, computers and laptops and enjoy the virtual meeting with a Google Chromecast from the comfort of your home

The function is called «Google Meet on Cast»And allows you to watch video conferences anywhere in the house on a smart television (smart TV). In this way, the user can follow the virtual meetings without having to be glued to the computer, laptop or mobile phone and pay more attention to the meetings. In addition, you can use these devices, which are not now connected to the virtual meeting, to do other things with them while the video call is in progress.

Google Meet a Smart Screens TV

In order for Google Meet users to have their video calls on their TV or smart screen, they need a Google Chromecast, a device called a “dongle” that allows information to be sent from a mobile device or PC to the TV.

Chromecast connects to the computer’s HDMI port and automatically receives signals from the other devices. This way, virtual meetings from Google Meet can be broadcast on the TV. You may not need Google Chromecast if your TV already includes this device. This is the case with the latest high-end models from brands like Samsung. Otherwise you will need to have one to do the transfer.

Google is constantly striving to improve Google Meet to gain a foothold in one of Zoom’s leading markets. In recent weeks, for example, the option has been integrated to reduce outside noise in meetings, create a link to meetings in Gmail or start a video call at the push of a button.

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