Google Meet ends video calls with no time limit

Google Meet again forces a Time limit for the duration of the video call, something that disappeared for all users of an email account hosted in Gmail during the pandemic when Google allowed this connection mode with indefinite duration in April 2020.

Google Meet now only allows a maximum of 60 minutes for video calls with three participants

The option of holding group video conferences without a time limit has initially been extended to September 30, 2020, although a new term, which was extended to March 31, 2021 and even more to June 30, 2021, will no longer apply these days .

Even with this new limitation, Google Meet still has a certain advantage over Zoom, as the maximum duration of video calls on the latter platform is 40 minutes, while in Google Meet the 60 minutes maximum limit if three participate or more participants in the virtual meeting.

From now on, if the participants of a video call have been part of it for 55 minutes, they will receive a notification that the call will soon be ended and will be permanently ended after 60 minutes.

If these sessions are to last longer, a subscription of $ 10 per month must be paid for. The Meet subscription service is called Google Workspace Individual, and currently it is only available in five countries: Brazil, Canada, United States, Japan, and Mexico.

This 60 minute limit can be annoying for those participating in virtual meetings or video calls that exceed this length of time, but the only annoyance is that if this limit is exceeded and the video conference ends automatically, it is enough regenerate another, share the link with the other participants and pick up the conversation where it left off.

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