Google Meet puts an end to note-taking during classes

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Teachers who use Google Meet to teach their classes will be able to offer their students new features that will greatly facilitate their training.

Google Meet makes it possible to convene online consultation sessions, broadcast sessions and lectures on YouTube, or convert a lesson transcript into a Google Docs document

Among all of them, a new feature stands out that will be very useful when teaching classes through Google Meet and that will avoid having to take notes from students since it is in charge of automatically transcribing the teacher’s lesson to a Google Docs documentwhich is stored in Google Drive, from where it can be shared.

To that automatically transcribed lesson diagrams or manual annotations made by the teacher while teaching the lesson may be incorporated. For this purpose, a Chromebook laptop with touch screen should be used.

But this is not the only addition to Google Meet, in addition to those that arrived last April. These new functions facilitate the work of teachers and students. Teachers who publish their classes on Meet will be able to set up question-and-answer sessions and polls, which will make it easier for teachers and students alike interactivity is enhanced. These are functions that were already present when holding a videoconference but not when streaming video.

In addition these video streaming of lessons will be able to be followed directly through YouTube, which also allows that, beyond the teachers’ own activity, educational institutions can use this function to disseminate assemblies, board meetings and other events.

Another difference with respect to the previously existing limitations is that until now Google Workspace only allowed this type of transmissions to reach 500 users belonging to the organization itself whereas now streams can be created which can be part of up to 100,000 users from the same community workspace community. That is in case of restricted streaming, since if no access code is set the audience through YouTube is unlimited.

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