Google Meet starts a “storage mode” for data and battery

Google Meet has started a new “save mode” that optimizes automatic battery consumption and data on the mobile phone during video calls.

Users can customize their video calls to minimize data and battery consumption

The feature is now available and will be rolled out over the next few weeks so that it can be used by all Google Meet users on iOS and Android. The option is disabled by default, so the user must be the one to enable it manually if they need to work in storage mode to reduce the consumption of data, battery or memory.

To enable “Storage Mode” you need to access the settings area of ​​the Google Meet mobile app directly under the “Diagnostic Information” option. When this new feature is activated, Google Meet will configure the quality of the broadcast to provide the best performance taking into account the characteristics of the mobile phone, the quality of the internet connection and the memory available on the device.

Once this storage mode is activated, Google Meet will limit the quality of the video call as much as possible without interrupting the communication and optimize the battery performance. It also frees up more CPU and memory space on your device so you can take other actions during the video call.

The reduced consumption option is available in the services of Google Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Frontline, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Educational Basics, Education Plus, Nonprofits, Cloud Identity Free, Cloud Identity Premium and for all Google users from Workspace and G Suite Basic.

This “save mode” combines the news about the user experience on both computer screens and mobile phones, as well as the online training enhancements that the video calling app introduced in April and which announced that they will be available to all users during the program The month of May.

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