Google Meet will allow content sharing from Spotify and YouTube

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Google Meet is in full transition, taking over functions that originally belonged to Google Duo so that it is becoming an increasingly complete tool. And the new step it has just taken involves integrating the use of different third-party platforms so that shared sessions can be generated in which to make use of those other platforms.

Participants in a Google Meet virtual meeting will be able to share with each other the content they are enjoying on Spotify, YouTube and other platforms and apps

So in a Google Meet meeting with multiple participants they will be able to share content from YouTube or Spotifythis is similar to what happens in the Apple ecosystem with the SharePlay option, which allows audio or video sharing when holding a virtual meeting via FaceTime.

With this new feature, Google Meet allows the video you are watching on YouTube or the music you are listening to on Spotify to be shared with the other participants in the videoconference at the touch of a button.

Some of the platforms included in this new option, in addition to those already mentioned, are also games that will allow group play between participants in the virtual meeting with titles announced by Google such as Heads Up!, Uno Mobile or Kahoot!

This novelty, like the rest of the modifications that Google is introducing in Meet, will begin to be available in the application at the end of this month of August in its versions for mobile devices, reaching the rest of devices throughout the rest of the year.

With this evolution over its previous operation and features Google seeks to reinforce Meet as communication platform for video calls and video conferencing that stands up to applications such as Skype or Zoom. This effort, which affects the user experience by adapting to different screen sizes (depending on the type of device), also includes improvements aimed at improving the provision of online training.

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