Google Meet will “rat out” anyone who is late for a meeting

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A new indication “You are also invited” will display on Google Meet, Google’s video conferencing and virtual meeting platform, the identity of other participants who have been invited to an online meeting but have not yet joined the meeting.

The feature that indicates who else is invited is available starting June 29

This will allow those who are already participating in the meeting to know who is yet to join the meeting… although at the same time it also means, in a way, “ratting out” those who are late or who, for whatever reasons, are finally not going to participate in the meeting despite having been invited to the meeting.

It also allows to confirm the moment when all the invited interlocutors are already present, so that the meeting can start. In addition, the status of possible optional invitees who may be called upon to contribute or assist or receive such information as may be deemed appropriate, should such a circumstance arise during the course of the meeting.

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It will also be easier to send notifications and messages to guests to check their availability from the Google Meet tab itselfsaving time and providing convenience by making it unnecessary to open another new tab to establish this communication.

From Google it is indicated that these new features lack controls for administratorsso they can be used by all Google Meet users.

This new feature is already available since June 29 and will gradually appear over the next two weeks in all countries where Google Meet is active. But this is not the only new feature now coming to this platform. Improved chat options available by default to Google Workspace users have also been added, including a calendar.

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