Google Meet will send a transcript of video calls

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Google has announced a series of updates to its Google Workspace productivity platform, including one that is especially useful for Google Meet users, which is already available in other video calling apps but is now starting to come to this platform.

Automatic transcription in English will be available this week, expanding in 2023 to German, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

This is the possibility of to receive a full transcript of the conversation that was held via Google Meet. within minutes of the end of the conversation.

Currently users of the Google Meet video call app can already save a video recording of the virtual meeting held through this platform but for many it can be very useful to have the transcript in a text document that will be automatically generated in Google Docs.

This option will be available this week in English and Spanish. from next year it will also be available in German, Spanish, French and Portuguese..

Google has announced that it will progressively extend its operation to more countries over the course of 2023. The feature is to some extent an evolution from the ability to automatically generate subtitles for the same languages in virtual meetings through Google Meet.

Other new features coming to Google Meet are the automatic auto-entry of participants on the screen (similar to Apple’s Center Stage) or the “waiting room” that will allow a pre-check of the participants that will be part of a virtual meeting before it starts.

With these new tools, Google Meet is on a par with other most downloaded video calling and virtual meeting applications around the world, such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

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