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Google Messages, the instant messaging app for Android, has just released a new updated version. In this update, Google has introduced the ability to correctly receive messages and reactions sent from iMessage via this wayApple’s messaging application. This is a feature that Google Messages users had demanded from the company.

Google has rolled out an update to Messages, its messaging app, to make it compatible with reactions sent from iMessage, the equivalent app on iOS

Apple’s app has a feature, the so-called TapBacks, which are reactions that the user can have to a particular message. These reactions include, for example, a “Like”, “Dislike” and a “Haha”, among others. Until now, when an iMessage user used this feature to react to a message from an interlocutor using Google Messages, the interlocutor was not able to receive that reaction correctly.

For example, if an iMessages user gave a “Like” to the message “See you in ten minutes,” Google Messages would then display another message that said “Like see you in ten minutes.” This made conversations, especially in groups, cumbersome and difficult to understand. Now, the Google app has been modified to be able to read these TapBacks correctly.

With this new update, Google Messsages is able to translate iMessages reactions in the form of emoticons compatible with Android. For example, if the “Haha” TapBack is sent from iMessage, Google Message will show it to its user with an emoji of a laughing face. In the case of the iMessage heart, Google will translate it using a face with two hearts in the eyes. With this measure, Google aims to advance compatibility between the two messaging apps.

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