Google now allows photos to be uploaded to Google Maps without leaving reviews

In the past, in order to upload photos of places and businesses such as restaurants, shops and attractions, it was also necessary to write a review and use the website Star system from Google My Business and Google Maps. From now on, users of Google Maps and Local Guides, members of the Google Maps points program, can upload their photos without having to leave ratings.

Google allows users to upload photos to Google Maps without leaving reviews.

The Google Maps Android app has received an update, which is displayed in the “News” tab. The News tab is located at the bottom of the application, just after the Contribute section, and displays all the news that comes to Google Maps, both general and personal updates from the application. The updated content of the premises and shops that the user has visited and that have received new content in the form of reviews, ratings or photos usually appear below this. If this feature is not active when entering Google Maps, simply update the application to activate it.

With the new update it is already possible Upload a picture and leave a comment connected to this, without the website having to be rated using the five-star system from Google Maps. On the other hand, it is not yet possible to leave a comment without uploading an image, a feature that is often highly requested by the Google Maps community.

This new functionality gives users a better way to interact with the application as it has operational dynamics in Maps similar to the Instagram wall or news feed as it did before. In this sense, it is not only possible to add photos and comments, but also to “like” the photos, although at the moment it is not yet possible to comment on the photos of other users or to reply to the comments of other users made up about the content itself.

This update is on the way to turning Google Maps into something of a niche social network focused on traveling users as user participation is increasingly preferred.

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