Google now allows searches using a combination of words and images

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A new Google option, called Multisearch, makes it even easier to search by offering the option to combining words and images in a single search.

Google Multisearch allows you to combine images and words to make your search more specific

This is to offer a possibility to further refine what you are looking for by allowing you to the words to be a complement to the image or the other way around. For example, one could start a search from the image of a striped garment but add an indication such as “plaid”. Another option would be to include the picture of the sofa at home but with the word “chair”.

In the first case Google would return results showing an article of clothing similar to the one in the photograph but with a plaid pattern (which is what was indicated by typing it in). In the second case, the search would return results showing chairs similar in design to the sofa in the photograph provided. In the first case, this is a function very oriented to shoppingalthough it is not strictly limited to such use.

This feature was already shown last September but is now available. Initially only for users from the United States of America as part of Google Lens, within the Google mobile app, which made its debut in 2017 and surprised by being able to recognize objects intelligently or being able to translate text in real time on posters or printed matter.

To activate MultiSearch in Google Lens just press the camera icon on the right side of the search bar in the Google app. Once activated, simply capture an image with the camera and click on the bar with the indication “add your search” in which the text that complements the search must be typed.

For the moment this is an experimental function, as explained Liz Reid, vice president of Google Search, although she also added that this new feature “is just the beginning.” It should be recalled that already in 2020 Google added the ability to recognize songs just by humming them. One more step in Google’s increasingly complete and complex advanced search capabilities.

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