Google offers a new way to optimize videos for search

Google has created a new type of structured data called “SeekToAction” to optimize videos in search results when they are published on their website and add direct links to “Key moments»This allows the user to navigate directly from the Google search page to the most interesting or important sections of a video.

Google is adding a new type of structured data to create timestamps for videos that appear on the search results page.

This feature makes it easier for content creators to insert timestamps into videos for content creators. Key Moments Rich Snippetsso that users can navigate to specific key segments of the video directly from the Google search results page (SERP). Currently, this type of rich snippet is already available for YouTube videos as only the creator is required to do so Add timestamp in the video description for Google to display in its SERPs.

With that in mind, while the videos uploaded to websites have previously been able to include these tags as well, the process was manual and complicated as the creator had to manually tag each segment.

The new Google functionality allows creators to easily create these timestamps by simply telling Google the specific URL pattern to jump to a specific timestamp within a video. With this information, Google uses artificial intelligence (AI) to Identify key moments in the video and direct links to them are displayed in the SERP.

Markup for SeekToAction can be applied to video like any other structured data type on, as shown in the following example:

To create these timestamps the URLs need to be configurable as the start and end markers of the digest need to be added and the video needs to have a minimum duration of 30 seconds as it won’t work with shorter videos.

Finally, it should be noted that this markup only works for the Google results page and the marks will not appear in the results of other search engines or on social networks.

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