Google offers free links to hotels and travel agencies

Google has announced that hotels and travel agents around the world will be able to add free links to the “Travel” section of the search engine ( starting this week if they are company employees.

Travel agencies and hotels can expand the reach of their campaigns thanks to free booking links

With this novelty, the company ensures that it will help companies in the tourism sector expand the scope of their current hotel advertising campaigns by adding free booking links to Google Travel. To benefit from this measure, one of the following requirements must be met:

Those who have already subscribed to Google’s Hotel Rate API and Hotel Ads will automatically see their details in the free booking links. Hotels and travel agencies that have not subscribed to these programs can also participate through their accounts. Hotel Center.

Google has ensured that in the coming months the process of integrating new facilities into the Hotel Center will be improved and new tools will be introduced to enable the prices and availability of accommodation to be published directly without complex technical requirements.

The measure applies in addition to other measures that Google has implemented in recent months, for example the possibility that participating airlines appear free of charge on Google Flighs. The company also opened the Purchases tab to serve free ads from online businesses during the pandemic.

On the other hand, it means users have access to a larger database of hotel reservation information and real-time availability of accommodation. Google wants to anticipate the moment when it will be possible to travel again without as many restrictions as it is now in the months of a pandemic. This gives all partners more opportunities to gain visibility and help travelers book flights, find accommodation or discover new destinations.

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