Google Page Experience Algorithm Update Completed

Google December Core Update 2020

Google has confirmed that the Page Experience update has been finalized by roll out to all page resultsfor now, for searches in desktop browsers.

The Google Page Experience algorithm update has finished rolling out to all page results in desktop browsers.

The update was launched last February 22 and finished its rollout last March 3, so that it has taken nine days. Although it may seem like a long time, it’s actually not that long, because if we take into account the last update of this type; Google took more than two and a half months to deploy it completely.

how does the algorithm update affect search results?

In order to analyze the impact this algorithm update has on a website’s results, Google has enabled a new report in Google Search Console dedicated to evaluating “Page Experience” criteria for desktop versions of web pages.

If the report shows that the majority of pages are red or yellow, it is very likely that the drops in rankings google rankings that have occurred since the implementation of the update have to do with a negative impact of the update.

In case our website or some of its web pages show a bad score in the new report, it will be necessary to analyze each of them and evaluate the criteria one by one to find out where the problem may be.

The “Page Experience” criteria in desktop browsers

Google’s “Page Experience” update for desktop search includes many of the same ranking factors as the algorithm that was released for mobile search. In this regard, ranking factors include: Core Web Vitals, HTTPS security, and absence of intrusive elements.

A drop in rankings does not mean that your site is being punished for not meeting Google’s page experience criteria, but rather that those that do meet them will rank higher.

One way to find out if we have been affected by this update is to ask ourselves a few simple questions:

-does our site have HTTPS? If we have it, we can discard it.

-do we have pop-ups or intrusive ads? If we have any of these elements, it will be necessary to change or remove them.

-do we have a good score in Core Web Vitals? We can check our score in the Google Search Console report, as well as in other tools such as PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse.

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