Google Photos adds a 3D effect to all pictures

Google Photos, the Google application that allows you to save and share photos or videos, has confirmed that a new effect called “Cinema Photos” or “will be launched next month in the“ Reminders ”section or (in Spanish“ Reminders ”) . Cinema Photos »(in Spanish) that convert traditional two-dimensional photos into 3D photos.

Google Photos’ Cinema Photos feature detects the depth of photos and adds an effect to make them three-dimensional

According to Google, the new feature “cinema photos” enables the creation of 3D effects in every photo thanks to “machine learning”. Technologies developed using artificial intelligence can predict the depth of the image and create a new image with a three-dimensional effect even if the original photo does not contain depth data.

To do this, the feature applies a slight virtual camera animation to the photo to create a very smooth panning effect resulting in a 3D photo as shown below:

The entire transformation process from 2D to 3D is carried out automatically by Google Photos, without user intervention. In addition, the images created with this effect are displayed in the “Featured” area and the user can share the photos in 3D with friends and family.

This isn’t the only project Google Photos is working on. Please note that from June 2021, unlimited and free storage will no longer be offered. The company is also developing new “collage” layouts with more artistic styles made with artificial intelligence that automatically generate backgrounds, frames, text fonts and themes based on which photo you want them placed on to create a more consistent collection of photos.

This news will arrive over the next month with the new Google Photos app update. In addition, Google also publishes new topics for the area of ​​”memories”where relevant images are included for each user according to their tastes or behavioral habits. It will automatically display selected pictures with important people in your life, trips, sunsets, favorite sports, etc.

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