Google Photos announces the end of free unlimited storage

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Watch out if you are a Google Photos user because the Ad made only by Google This will radically change the way the image storage service is used.

From June 2021, Google Photos will “only” provide 15 GB of storage space for each user

So far, and for the past five years, Google has been offering users unlimited free storage, which makes it an unbeatable service for its competitors. However, the ability to save endless photos for free has now counted the number of days.

Google just announced that As of June 2021 – without specifying the day – no longer offers unlimited free storage space. From then on, the maximum storage capacity of each user’s Google Photos account is 15 GB, which is when it starts to count.

This means that the files uploaded up to this point, even if they are of maximum quality, do not count towards this 15 GB maximum storage space. It’s like Google Reset the counter in June 2021 From that moment on, each user can upload 15 GB of photos for free.

If you want more storage capacity, you will have to pay, although the pricing plan to be applied is still unknown. As long as you don’t have a Google Pixel phone, these devices are exempt as proprietary devices and their owners can upload whatever photos they want to Google Photos.

Google offers users a website where they can check how much space they still have in Google Photos. According to the company, the average number of users can easily upload content for three years. This is the amount of time users estimate to generate 15GB of photos and videos.

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