Google Photos has a new tab for Documents

Google Photos, Google’s cloud image storage service, is one of the most powerful there is currently (and it has the largest storage capacity, although the free unlimited storage will no longer be available this coming June).

Google Photos will no longer offer unlimited free storage this June

Its powerful search engine enables Find an image even without being highlighted and without text, thanks to the graphic recognition of the photo and the artificial intelligence that the tool uses. This is how you can save thousands of photos. It’s always easy to find the photo you’re looking for in seconds.

Imagine if you could do the same thing with any document you have saved on your computer, or in this case, Google Photos. That only you would see what to type in, for example, the profit and loss statement 2018 search engine, and that an image of the document you wish to consult would appear.

That’s exactly what Google is working on, making it easy and quick to search for documents in Google Photos like no other storage service you’ve seen before. The company is developing a special tab that contains all kinds of documentation. This new tab would connect the three already existing (“People and Pets”, “Places” and “Things”) and automatically saves all documents, PDFs etc. that the user has uploaded to the Google Photos service.

The novelty goes even further, however, since in the folder «Documents» there are subdivisions for all types of documentation: typescript, handwriting, banknotes, post-its, business cards, text messages … In each of these sub-folders are stored all the user’s documents in perfect order if you need to find one of these as shown in this picture from Android Police:

Google Photos – which introduced up to 30 new editing tools this week – so far has not confirmed the official launch of the new tabHowever, it has been checked in the trial versions of the application as well as its availability for the desktop, which indicates that the tool will be launched shortly.

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