Google Photos improves image editing tools

Google photos

Google Photos updated the section to edit photos that users of the application have on Android and completely redesigned the design, features and navigation of the tool.

Google Photos changed the design, organization, shape, and format of the photo editing area for Android users

These changes were added to the recent complete redesign of Google Photos that was done last June, although they now focus solely on the photo editing space and only affect the Android app.

The redesign is currently not available to all users of the Android app, but rather it will be gradual in the coming days. The main changes are:

-The navigation menu is now vertical so you’ll have to slide your finger up to see all of the footage. On the main screen, you now don’t have direct access to the customize, crop, suggest and filter functions, but all you need to do is slide your finger up to see them.

-The section «Suggestions» changes completely. In the past, some effects were shown for use by default. With this change, the effects can vary depending on the photo selected for editing.

-The tools for editing photos remain exactly the same. However, they are in a different order and, for example, the crop function in More Tools is now in the Crop section.

-The various functions are now represented with an icon, which is used to better understand how they work when editing photos. These tools are on a carousel and the user has to scroll to see them. When you select one, the settings window is activated to expand or minimize the scope of action or performance when editing images.

Google is updating the version of the Google Photos app for Android from its servers. This process typically takes a few hours or can take days. Therefore, not all users are currently enjoying the new design. In case you don’t have it yet, wait patiently and it will arrive in your app shortly.

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