Google Photos will create a wallpaper with your best photos

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Google Photos has a feature called “Reminders” (“Reminders” in Spanish) that was launched a year ago and is designed to allow users to return to view past photos that they have stored on the Google service and that they haven’t enjoyed again since they put them away. The company has them printed, displays them on prominent dates, and even creates an album of “best photos” that the application automatically selects.

Google Photos will automatically pick the best old photos

In the new version of Google Photos – which announced it would no longer allow unlimited storage of images – that just hit the Android Application Store, version 5.22 of Google Photos, has a new feature that lets you create one can set wallpaper that displays these photos and videos of the memory as wallpaper on the mobile phone. So you can enjoy them on the mobile home screen anytime you are using your device.

The new background image that was created with the memory images can be found in the “Fund selection” area of ​​your Android phone. There you can see what content Google Photos has selected to be displayed on your screen. If you like them, all you have to do is tap on the bottom right of the screen to add the wallpaper to your mobile phone.

At the moment there is no way to choose which photos to display on the Android background, although it is a feature that will make sense for the future launch.

It is also not known when this feature will be available in the Google Photos app for the iOS operating system as it can currently only be used on Android devices where it has been deployed in the past few days and it is expected that it will reach all users in the next few days. If you don’t already have it, you can update your app through Google Play and check what version you have on your phone.

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