Google Play Movies to close and be replaced by Google TV

Google Play Movies to be replaced by Google TV

Google Play Movies to be replaced by Google TV in May. This is because Google wants its TV app to reach a wider audience. Streaming applications are currently in huge demand and large companies want to start betting on these ecosystems.

The news is completely official, the company itself was in charge of announcing it this Tuesday. Soon they will no longer support the purchase and rental of movies and programs.

People who use Google Play Movies will have to switch to Google TV. Now that will be the new platform that will be in charge of streaming content. The main reason for this change is that Google has invested a lot of money in its TV system, therefore, they want to exploit it to the fullest.

An important point is that Google TV will not be a Play Store extensionthe application will have its own ecosystem for operations to run from the app itself. This is not a negative feature, on the contrary, the app has a very large self-management capacity that will allow it to run on its own.

Google also confirms that users do not have to worry about the disappearance of Google Play Movies. Customers will still have access to everything they have purchased through the Play Store. Purchased content, Google Play Points (the rewards program for viewing content), wish list, gift cards, among others, will be stored there.

Thus, the end of Google Play Movies will be Google’s final effort to make a large part of its consumers look favorably on Google TV. This process started when they changed the name of the movie app and revamped its interface, but it wasn’t enough. Therefore, they upped the ante and now intend to offer something more competitive.

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