Google recognizes a website’s reputation on a topic

Google can do this Recognize reputation and authority a website on a specific topic, so it is recommended to focus on a single topic as the search engine will better position the page content on that topic.

Google is able to see the reputation of an entire website on a specific topic, which improves organic positioning.

In one of Google’s weekly conversations, John Mueller, the company’s SEO expert, pointed out that the search engine is capable of differentiating a website’s reputation on a particular topic. With that in mind, by focusing content on a single topic, Google can see reputation, which serves to bolster EAT and improve positioning on related searches.

This means that Google is able to do it understand the subject a full website and not just any url. This is how diverse and related content needs to be created in order to improve a website’s reputation on a topic. For example, a computer store should produce content such as laptop reviews, benchmarks, setup guides, but also content on the best parts or on desktop computers and software.

In this way, the creation of topic-related content improves the reputation, since it shows that there is a great deal of knowledge about a subject, in this case computer science. Creating this related content also improves the user experience by providing more context while solving doubts that may arise while reading content.

When creating related content, Google will display the page in related and contextual search, not just when looking for the specific keyword. This will increase organic visibility and discover new opportunities for content creation and business expansion.

The more complete and diverse the content of a particular search engine optimization topic, the more reputable the website will be for Google. This will show up in more searches, which improves visibility and organic traffic.

You can see the video of Mueller’s talk below:

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