Google removes the content of inactive accounts

Google made one drastic change in your storage policy From now on, all files that are stored in services such as Gmail, Google Drive or Google Photos from accounts that remain inactive for two years will be deleted.

Google has announced the change to its storage policy effective June 1, 2021

Instead of deleting the account like other services, Google deletes the documents stored in it. The measure will come into force on June 1, 2021. From then on, the two years required to complete the action to remove the content will count.

Even the deletion does not affect all Google services used by the user. For example, if you’ve been inactive in Google Photos for two years but used Google Drive and Gmail, only the content you have in Google Photos will be deleted.

The action to delete files goes hand in hand with others, e.g. For example, Google Photos will end the unlimited and free storage of photos from June 1, 2012, which was announced a few weeks ago. As of this day, free Google users only have 15 GB to store content in their Google account.

In this sense, Google has also pointed this out You can delete bonus content from accounts that exceed the limit 15 GB allowed for two years of inactivity. That is, before proceeding, it will notify the user to fix the situation and download the content to the mobile phone or computer, or look for alternative sources to save their photos, files and content

Of course, these measures have no effect on users who pay to obtain a Google One Premium account, nor on corporate users of Google Workspace.

Finally, Google advises that, in order to remain an “active” user, you should regularly visit the “Gmail”, “Photos” and “Drive” services and from time to time the applications for the joint creation of content “Documents,” Sheets, transparencies, drawings “must use. Among other things, forms, jamboard and sites. It is important to do this with the session started so that the system counts the visit.

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