Google starts lockdown trends, trend finders during the pandemic

Google has launched a tool called Lockdown trends Able to view online search trends during the pandemic so you can refine your search based on dates using a calendar.

Google Lockdown Trends shows the most common searches and classifies them by topic, time and frequency

Thanks to a simple calendar, you can go through the past year day by day (from March 2020 to February 2021) and find out which searches on Google in the US were the most popular at any given time, as if it were a search trend diary during the pandemic.

The Main search categories They have been cataloged in different sections and with different colors: animals, arts and crafts, cooking, outdoor activities, sports and games or others. Just click on the selected day of the displayed calendar to find out which searches were the main trend that day.

When you press the main trend is displayed along with a graph showing its development over a week and on that particular day. There is also a link to Google Trends, which expands the information on the trend of related search queries. The topic of search and other related topics and queries and its frequency in Google searches is of greatest interest.

Searches in lockdown trends can also be done by categories and specific segments. This can be of great help when planning advertising campaigns, as well as following Google Trends and the option to compare search terms with related news to see how events affect the popularity of search terms.

The classic example is that the search for the term “gift” is triggered at Christmas. So if, with Lockdown Trends, you have complete information about the daily searches during childbirth and the rest of the pandemic, it is possible to analyze the evolution of the interest in different devices or products on each day of the last year.

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