Google tests direct messages in Google Shopping

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Google is testing a new form of communication for businesses and merchants using the Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping service, which will allow them to connect with users and customers in a much closer through Google Shopping.

Google will allow users to message stores directly from the Google Shoping carousel in the search engine.

The test of this direct messaging system was announced to Merchant Center merchants via an email explaining that it is an optional feature that will allow customers to send direct messages to the e-mail address that has been configured in the Google Merchant Center service as the customer service address.

In this way, Google will allow customers to send a message to a merchant, directly from the Google Shopping service. This message will be emailed to the merchant and the merchant will have the ability to reply to send that customer a message in return.

For now, this is a pilot project that is not open to all Google Merchant Center users, but it will be necessary to request access and be accepted by Google. For now, there is no additional information on whether this tool will be officially implemented, if it will be implemented for all regions or when it will be implemented.

Below, we can see the mail sent by Google to Merchant Center users and in which the details we have analyzed in the article are explained:

Google email

Google Merchant Center is a Google tool that sire to enter data from an online storesuch as brand, type, ID, price and description of the products, and be able to participate in the Google Shopping service.

For its part, Google Shopping is the virtual catalog of the products of those stores that have previously registered in Google Merchant Center. These products have an expiration date of 30 days, so continuous management and review is required so that they are not automatically deleted.

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