Google tips for better positioning for Black Friday


The Black Friday tradition, or Black Friday as it is known in Spanish, originated in the United States in the 1960s and is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving (which always takes place on the fourth Thursday in November). Black Friday was created to give Push retailerswho wanted to increase their sales during the holidays.

With the arrival of Black Friday, many online businesses will be creating pages dedicated to their offerings

The term “Black Friday” first appeared in the Philadelphia newspapers to describe the collapse in traffic and pedestrians coming to shop. From then on, police officers used that term to describe that day. On the flip side, there is another theory suggesting that the name can be traced back to the accounts as the companies switched from red to black.

Whatever the origin of the name, the truth is that it is time to prepare business strategy for Black Friday. This year, Google published a series of recommendations and best practices for the web pages it scanned on its blog for webmasters Increase your sales during that black Friday, especially when you want to create a new page. The recommendations are as follows:

-Build the website over time: Companies that want to create a special webpage for that day should do so in advance so that Google bots have time to review and index the page.

-Left: When creating the page for Black Friday, make sure it includes at least one link to the main page. In this way, authority is transferred from the main page, which makes positioning easier.

-SEO: The site must be optimized for SEO. You must continue to rely on the usual OnPage and OffPage SEO practices.

– Always use the same url: Ideally, create a URL that can be used every year, rather than creating a new one for every new season. An example would be: /sale/2020/

-Google Search Console: Once the page has been created and optimized, you need to access the Google Search Console and tell Google to re-index the entire website or to do so only with the newly created page.

-Photos: It is important to use a high quality image that represents both the business and the event. Of course, don’t forget to configure the image to match the SEO measures for images.

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