Google tries to display “trending topics” on its homepage

Google is conducting an experiment in which some users found the most popular terms in the search.

Search trends pick up on the most popular terms, words and phrases on Google

The point is to show the “trending topics” – a term popularized by Twitter and also used by other social networks – that are most in demand, ie the trends in the search engine at the time. This is not new information as Google has been analyzing and collecting the most frequently searched terms on Google since 2004. This information is readily available and distributed by the company at the end of each year, creating the most searched rankings.

However, it is the first time that Google has prominently displayed information on the main search engine page as soon as it is accessed, below the field where the term to be displayed is entered, as shown in the picture:

The test was posted by a Twitter user who is part of the tests. In his social network account, he complained that he could not turn off this option that shows a List of the latest trends in its own search field that, when pressed, allows direct access to the results offered by Google in relation to these search criteria.

At the moment, Google has not offered any information on this, and it is not known whether this test phase will culminate with the general inclusion of trends in the search engine itself or whether it is an option that can be activated or deactivated by the user.

Google already has a tool for analyzing trends, Google Trends. This new test appears to be an extension that can help identify the most commonly used terms in Google. It is one of the most effective tools for analyzing keywords associated with specific times and geographic areas.

This allows the development of trends to be checked both spatially and temporally, whereby comparisons can be made parallel to the development of up to five terms. With this analysis of keywords and related terms, you can examine past trends as well as one Forecast on topics and terms That could be relevant in the future, which is of great relevance in various aspects, from SEO strategy to content generation.

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