Google turns any webpage into a video

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Google is working on ULR2Video, an artificial intelligence tool that can turn any webpage into one short video or video clip, just by configuring certain parameters like the video output format and the desired duration and aspect ratio.

A new Google AI can turn any webpage into a video

The tool replicates the original design of the page and uses all of the elements, both of which Text like multimediato create the video. To make this possible, the tool analyzes the entire website, selects various design and content elements such as headings and images, and classifies them as “key elements” in order to gather the necessary information from them. Once the video has been generated, there are several configuration and customization options available to the user. With this in mind, it is possible to change the color and style to create a video that adapts to the user’s needs.

The following figure shows how the tool converts a search results webpage to video:

Google AI converts a webpage into a video

To train the artificial intelligence algorithm, the developers interviewed a variety of designers and webmasters to determine which they are main elements a website.

This tool is currently in testing and Google is still working on it. Therefore there is no official start date. Although the Google team anticipates adding new features in the future, such as: B. the ability to add audio tracks or voice overs to videos. In the future, this AI may be used in the digital marketing environment, especially for e-commerce sites and online stores that can convert their sales pages into videos that can be used to show their products on social networks.

With that in mind, Google isn’t the only company working on a tool with these characteristics. Baidu, the most important Chinese search engine, has developed artificial intelligence that can be used to generate a news video with voice-over from the information in a single URL.

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