Google updates its algorithm to fight spam

How Google filters spam on the web

Google has confirmed that the last November 3rd started the launch of a new algorithm update focused on combating spam in search results and that will have a deployment that will last a couple of weeks.

Google updates its algorithm to fight against websites that publish spam and avoid low-quality content and scams.

As is customary with the release of these regular updates, Google has not disclosed details about the possible changes. In this sense, the company regularly updates its algorithms to maintain the quality of the results that appear on the search results page (SERP) and thus eliminate those results that may be harmful or contain spam or scam.

This is the fourth algorithm update to improve the fight against spam so far this year. in this sense, the company has pointed out that thanks to the continuous updates of its automated systems have managed to eliminate more than the 99% of spam entries from search results. According to Google’s own data, last year they prevented 25 billion spammy pages from being indexed in search results every day.

How does this anti-spam algorithm update affect SEO?

First of all, it should be made very clear that this update will have absolutely no effect on those sites that comply with the quality rules google’s quality rules. The company has a very strict definition of what it considers spam, qualifying in this way mainly all those sites with low quality content that seek to trick the user to click and steal personal data or install malware.

Another type of spam are web pages that include all type of scam. This category includes phishing websites, but also websites that impersonate other websites with the intention of luring and deceiving the user.

Finally, a normal website could be considered spam if has been hacked and is sending spam or malware to users without the webmaster’s knowledge. In this sense, it is advisable to review the security of our websites to avoid this type of vulnerabilities, because if Google labels one of these sites as spam it will apply the same penalties.

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