Google updates its search algorithm again

Google algorithm changes

Google has introduced a new update to its algorithm search during the past weekend. As usual, in this type of updates Google does not warn users or publish any information about the changes involved.

Google introduces algorithm updates without warning, with which it fixes minor bugs or introduces new features to adapt to changes in users’ browsing habits.

These types of “silent” algorithm updates are commonplace for Google, which usually implements them periodically to resolve minor issues or to improve the browsing experience. These updates are often discovered by users and by the SEO community who find small fluctuations in rankings and in the data they get from analytics tools.

However, in this instance, tracking tools, such as Moz, Semrush, RankRanger or Accuranker, show huge fluctuation levels and high volatility in traffic, comparable to those that occur when Google implements a core update, in which it introduces significant changes to navigation and positioning.

In this regard, what has caught the attention of practitioners is that, while analytics tools have noted a very sharp change in trafficThis volatility was not reflected in Google’s search page results, which remained stable throughout the weekend.

On the other hand, many SEO professionals have noted very steep drops in traffic over the weekend. Some report that organic traffic to their sites, which had been stable since Google’s last update, has dropped by 36-50% in just one weekend.

Moreover, unlike other updates of this type, which usually affect traffic from certain regions or certain topics, this time it seems that the volatility is global and affects websites across all topics.

In the following image, taken from Semrush, it is possible to see the sharp drop in traffic between September 27 and October 1:

SEMrush shows the traffic volatility

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