Google values ​​the quality of the articles, not the quantity

Google does not take into account The total number of articles published on a blog as an SEO ranking factor. However, quality factors are taken into account in their positioning.

Google doesn’t take into account the number of articles published on a blog, but their quality.

In one of the usual chats with users, John Mueller, SEO expert at Google, explained that the number of articles in a blog no ranking factor for google. On the other hand, he has pointed out that their quality is important. With this in mind, content creators should focus on the quality of the content, not the quantity.

It is important for Google that the content corresponds to this Quality factorsthat provide relevant, unique information that answer specific questions as comprehensively and in as much detail as possible. In this sense, Müller also pointed out that the content must have the necessary length to explain a topic in detail. That is, if a topic is fully explained in 500 words, 1000 does not have to be written, since in this case only “noise” is generated.

It is possible to see Mueller’s conversation with users in the following tweets:

These words from Müller go in the direction of the latest Google updates, such as the inclusion of Core Web Vitals as an SEO positioning factor or the inclusion of the EAT. The search engine prioritizes usability and user experience over other factors.

As noted on other occasions, it is the end user who “rates” a web page by either clicking on the results or abruptly exiting the page if they cannot find the information they are looking for. With this in mind, Google wants to deliver valuable results that provide a positive user experience.

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