Google Wallet, the digital wallet that replaces Google Pay, now works in Spain

Google Wallet

As Alphabet announced last May at the Google I/O 2022 conference, Google Pay is going away to make way for Google Walletthe new digital wallet which will allow Android users to manage their credit cards, personal documents (ID card, driver’s license, passport…), boarding passes, event tickets… from their own smartphone.

Android users can now install the Google Wallet digital wallet on their cell phones

It can now be installed on Android devicesfor this, there are two procedures: update the Google Play app from the application itself or download the Google Pay APK installation file. The updated version is called 2.150.460235810.

With this evolution Wallet ceases to be a part of Google Pay and becomes a standalone application againwhich it had already been in the past. But in this transition it assumes other functions, such as the storage of means of payment and other documents, but in the future it is also expected to assume expense management functionalities.

In addition to payment, once the user’s credit or debit cards are included in it, Google Wallet allows storing all types of personal identification documents as well as slips, cards or event tickets, hotel room keys, gift cards or loyalty cards and the like. In these last sections, a good number of commercial options pertaining to the Spanish market have been included.

One of the documents that can be stored in Google Wallet is the COVID passport, although at the moment this option, although available in Spain, is only activated for users of the Sistema Murciano de Salud de la Región de Murcia. New integrations will be progressively added to this platform, depending on the agreements that are established between Alphabet and different companies and commercial and service platforms.

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