Google will allow you to pay in parking lots with your voice

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This week Google unveiled a number of new features that have just been incorporated into its latest software update. One of the most striking of these new features is the possibility of pay in parking lots by voice through a tool developed in partnership with ParkMobile. For Android users, this could mean the end of parking tickets piling up on the car dashboard.

Google’s assistant will allow paying at parking lots and renewing tickets via voice command

This tool, integrated with Google Assistant and Pay, allows you to pay for parking, check ticket status and renew parking permit for a few more hours. All this by voice, as the user will only need to say “Hey Google, pay for parking”. Then, he will have to follow the Google Assistant’s instructions to complete the payment, which will be taken care of by Google Pay.

The other commands recognized by this feature are “Hey Google, parking status” and “Hey Google, renew parking”. For the time being, this new function can be used on about 400 cities in the United States.

This collaboration with ParkMobile is the latest example of the company’s interest in carve a niche for itself in the mobility and transportation space. Maps has already introduced several features in this regard, such as a system for finding the cheapest gas station and a tool for calculating the most environmentally friendly route between two points. The company is also working on a digital key to open and lock cars. It is also working on an Android operating system to regulate vehicle functions.

This tool goes live with ParkMobile, the leading parking app in the United States. The company plans to establish new partnerships to bring this feature to other countries.

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