Google will automatically delete the trash from Google Drive

Auto-delete Google Drive

If you’re using Google Drive and you’re looking at a file, photo, video or document that you no longer need, delete it and the system will automatically send it to the trash. It can take forever to empty them there. This is positive in that you can always recover the deleted file, but it is also resource intensive.

The measure begins on October 13th

For this reason, the trash will be deleted from October 13th Fully automatic. Google implements the automatic deletion of the Google Drive recycle bin for all files that have been stored in it for more than 30 days without being manually saved or deleted. When automatic deletion occurs, documents can no longer be retrieved for traditional users.

Therefore, those who inappropriately use the Recycle Bin as a storage system for temporary files that they eventually want to salvage should know that they only have 30 days to recover them or they will lose them forever. If you want to use a system for storing content in the cloud, there are many other options.

Google notes that these files are consuming the effective storage space of all memory and reducing the user’s ability to store other files. Another reason you implement this feature is that Tool homologation from Google Drive with those of other services. For example, Gmail already runs this automatic recycle bin for emails that have been in it for more than 30 days.

On the other hand, Google has made sure that removing these discarded files also improves user safety by reducing the risk of third parties being able to access and restore these documents.

From October 13th, when the new functionality is implemented, Google will display a warning message to users so that they are informed about the automatic deletion of files in the trash. It also notifies when the deletion will take place, giving users time to access the Recycle Bin and restore the files they want.

In addition, he has mentioned that the feature will be a security system because if it is a discarded file that no longer has a function, it must be permanently removed to prevent third parties from gaining access to it and to restore it.

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