Google will notify you when an agent is available when calling a company

Spending minutes, or hours, listening to the little waiting music when you make a phone call to a company's customer service number can have your days numbered.

Avoiding those annoying minutes of waiting is what a new function that Google is testing promises and that, when it is launched, will allow you to save time and a dose of patience when speaking with a commercial agent of a company.

The feature is called “Talk to a Live Rep” (something like “talk to a human”) and is being tested in the United States in English. Those Google users who have joined Search Labs, the company's testing program, can now use this service in both Google apps for Android and iOS, as well as in Chrome for the desktop.

With this service, Google is responsible for calling the company in question and navigating through the different menus that the company offers via telephone. When you dial the customer service number of a company participating in the service, Google will show a warning message and ask you why you want to make the call and will “press for you” the appropriate options in the menu that the recording determines, until it achieves You will be matched with an agent depending on what you want to achieve.

If at that time there is no agent available (something very common despite the fact that telephone waiting times have been regulated), Google will wait in line and when the agent becomes available, it will call you so that you can directly start talking to them. he.

That is, Google waits in line and you just have to wait for their call when an agent is available. Meanwhile, you can continue doing other things, which means significant time savings.

This is a functionality that has already been tested on Google Pixel mobile phones, only on these devices it is called “Hold for Me.” Although the technology that supports it is the same, there are some differences, since “Hold for Me” only waits for an agent to be available and returns the call, but is not able to navigate through the menus.

Of course, another difference is that “Hold for Me” is only available on Pixel phones, while “Talk to a Live Rep” will be available on all mobile devices through the Google app for iOS and Android, as well as for desktop. Of course, at the moment Google has not confirmed when this experimental functionality will be officially launched, not only in English but also in other markets. We will have to be attentive.

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