Google will prioritize expert product reviews

Google has announced an update to its algorithm for displaying product lists. The company’s goal is search provide better quality information and helpful reviews for the potential buyer. With this change, the Google search engine is prioritizing content that contains “in-depth analysis and original research” and was written by experts on the subject.

Google wants to move to a review model based on expert criteria

In this way, brands can be expected to highlight more detailed and reliable information about their products beyond user reviews. To support companies in this transition to a new ranking model, based on expert judgment More than in the comments of anonymous internet users, Google has compiled a list indicating which factors are taken into account in order to distinguish some reviews over others.

The list includes items such as the fact that the review includes “expert knowledge of the products”; that shows what the object is like and how it is used without relying solely on the information provided by the manufacturer; this provides quantitative data about the product; Discuss the pros and cons or compare it to other competitive products and explain which one is better suited for particular uses or circumstances.

With this measure, Google is trying to eliminate a harmful practice that has become common on the Internet in recent years. This is to try punish or sink the prestige of a companythat users disagree with for any reason, flood their product reviews with negative comments, or leave negative comments on Google My Business.

At a time when e-commerce is booming, but also misinformation, Google is trying position yourself as a reference finder Suppression of this misinformation about products.

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