Google Workspace for freelancers now available in Europe

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About a year ago Google introduced Worskpace Individual, the version of its productivity suite aimed at individual professionals (such as freelancers or sole proprietorships) and now arrives in Europe after having been enjoyed in the United States, among other territories.

Workspace Individual brings together Google’s productivity apps by adding exclusive tools in the paid subscription

Previously called G Suite, Workspace brings together tools such as Gmail, Meet, Drive, Docs, Tasks, Forms and other productivity applications. While the vast majority are offered individually and free of charge, by bringing them together in Workspace, integration and interoperability are strengthened, in addition to certain functions that are only available in the paid version being unlocked.

For example, freelancers and self-employed workers will now be able to access options that were previously only available in enterprise subscriptions, such as advanced tools in video calls (session recording, noise cancellation, long-lasting group calls…). They can also perform live streaming on YouTube of Google Meet sessions or manage multiple email sends for newsletters or email marketing campaigns.

Google’s purpose with Workspace is to provide companies with a collaborative and productivity environment alternative to office suites after transferring it to the environment of large companies, it was decided to offer it also, now as Google Workspace Individual, to individual independent professionals, such as freelancers or those who run a sole proprietorship. Thus, despite not being part of a complex or multi-employee organization, these types of professionals can also use these applications.

So far Google Workspace Individual was only available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, United States, Japan and Mexico, but since this week it is also available for users in different European countries such as Germany, Spain, France or Italy The subscription price is 7.99 euros per month.

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