Google’s photo printing service arrives in Europe

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Google has been offering a photo printing service since 2017 but only now has it arrived in Europe. The idea is that Google Photos users can count on paper versions or even books compiling their favorite snapshots.

Google Photos now lets you order prints or albums compiling your favorite photos

Now available throughout the European Union and the United Kingdom, this Google Photos service is similar to that offered by other platforms that allow uploading online albums and ordering hard copies in different sizes or compilations of images in the form of books. One of the advantages is that it avoids having to provide access to the content stored in Google Photos to third party platforms, as well as avoiding the task of moving the photos you want print or edit as an album bound.

It is now sufficient to choose the desired photos from the Google Photos application itself and select the desired option. To facilitate the operation, Google Photos incorporates a complete internal search engine capable of locating images by location, date, people, objects and themesthe latter is especially useful for finding images for which there is no specific date or location where they were taken.

As for the price of the photos, excluding taxes and shipping, the amounts to be paid start at 0.15 euros, increasing depending on the size and type of support. As an example, a print on canvas is around 28 euros.

In addition, and for lovers of photography on paper, Google Photos has a subscription service, which has been in operation in the United States since 2020, whereby using artificial intelligence that selects the ones it considers the bestwith a procedure similar to its Memories function, which selects the best images as wallpaper, a set of ten photographs per month is automatically sent to the user, with a subscription price of 7 dollars per month. It remains to be seen whether this service will also be available in Europe.

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