Guide to buying a GorillaPod tripod for your mobile

A GorillaPod is a flexible tripod whose legs can expand and retract; They are manageable, that is, you can bend and adjust them as you wish. The advantage of this type of tripod lies in its versatility, since it has the ability to adapt to multiple surfaces.

In addition to its adaptability, the GorillaPod is a portable gadget that will fit without problems in any backpack. So, if you are thinking of buying this device to take good photos on your mobile, here we will explain how you can choose it and which are the best models on the market.

How to choose your GorillaPod?

It is important that you evaluate certain points so that you acquire a quality product that will last for several years and meet your expectations.

– Clamping mechanism: The support must be made of resistant plastic so that it can support the weight of the mobile without problems. In addition, it is vital that the mechanism can adapt to different sizes so that you can easily attach the smartphone you want. We also recommend that the fastening system be manual, as this will allow you to secure the phone correctly, you will not depend on an automatic lock.

– Size: This will depend on the type of photo you want to take, however, the general recommended measurement is 127 centimeters because it will allow you to work with any angle or shot without limitations. Also, since the GorillaPod can be retracted, you can easily store it in your bag.

– Connectivity: Many GorillaPods include remote triggers to take photos from a distance. This will be a great help for taking group photos, since you will not depend on the timer and you will get a better shot. Likewise, you can also have small light rings that make it possible to take a perfect selfie with good colors and sharpness.

– Price: The cost will depend on what you have in mind, for example, if you want a GorillaPod that includes lights, a microphone support and is magnetic, the amount can reach 150 euros. On the other hand, if you want a basic model, the price ranges between 40 and 60 euros. Evaluate well what you need so that you allocate the appropriate budget for the tripod.

Best GorillaPods you can buy

– Joby GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse (60.05 euros): The holder has the ability to adapt to any mobile phone, even if it has a case. The clamping mechanism is manual, which allows it to be adapted to the smartphone and apply the necessary force to hold it firmly.

The tripod legs are flexible, they can be wrapped around branches or bases to achieve complex angles. Likewise, the legs of the tripod incorporate magnets that will allow it to be attached to metal structures. This GorillaPod includes a mobile trigger and only weighs 96 grams. The product is made of TPE, plastic and stainless steel.

GorillaPod for mobile

– Joby GripTight ONE GP Stand (47.60 euros): It offers universal compatibility with all types of mobile phones, allows you to adjust the fastener as you wish and secure it by applying pressure manually. The tripod bases are malleable, you can configure them however you want so that they can be attached to any structure.

This GorillaPod is compact, can be carried in any handbag, as it is designed to function as a stand for taking selfies and capturing videos (its weight is 71 grams). The tripod feet are made of rubber, offering efficient grip on various surfaces. The body of the tripod is made of plastic, stainless steel and TPE.

Budget GorillaPod

– Joby GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit (134.90 euros): If you are a content creator, this GorillaPod model is ideal for your work. First of all, the tripod is lightweight, weighing only 54 grams and its legs are flexible. In addition, it includes mini LED lights from the Beamo brand and a Wavo Mobile microphone, each device comes with its wiring so you can install the set immediately.

The tripod holder is universal and manually adjustable for added security. Thanks to the flexibility of the legs, you can place the GorillaPod wherever you want to achieve any type of shot or angle. The tripod and its accessories are made with aluminum, TPE, plastic and polyurethane.

GorillaPod for bloggers

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