Guide to buying a remote shutter release for your mobile

Remote shutter releases for mobile phones have the ability to manipulate the remote smartphone camera to take photos. This will allow you to get better angles and shots for your captures. For example, you can take a group photo comfortably or arrange the camera in the best possible way to photograph a particular scene.

If you don’t know where to start, here you will know what you should take into account if you want to buy a trigger and what are the best models that are available on the market today. Remember that you can also use another mobile phone as a remote shutter release.

What you should keep in mind before purchasing a remote shutter release

Even though it is a small device, there are several important points that you should evaluate before purchasing a trigger.

– Construction: Make sure the trigger is made with durable plastic so it can withstand drops and bumps without problems. It should also be well assembled, feel solid, avoid flimsy products that make creaks or are made from poor quality plastic.

– Portability: The trigger should be a small device that you can comfortably carry in your pants pocket. Its function is specific, so it is not necessary for it to be a large device.

– Connectivity: The triggers connect to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, evaluate that it has a range of at least five meters and that the software version is 3.0 or higher.

– Multi platform: It is crucial that the trigger is versatile, so it must be compatible with Android and iOS so that you can use it on any mobile phone regardless of its operating system. Additionally, some models also have the ability to pair with digital cameras, GoPro cameras, etc.

The best remote shutter releases for mobile phones

The market for remote shutter releases for smartphones is not the largest on the market. However, there are several models that have an excellent quality-price ratio.

– Xenvo Shutterbug (19 euros): A trigger that is compatible with Android and iOS phones, it also works on tablets and iPads. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth (3.0) and has a range of nine meters.

Simply press the button to take a photo or record a video. Its design is compact and resistant, you can carry it as a keychain or in a pocket, since its weight is only 18 grams.

Mobile trigger

– CamKix 8 (8.13 euros): It is designed to be carried like a keychain, it is small and works on iOS and Android phones, its weight is 19 grams. It pairs with the phone via Bluetooth and has an operating range of ten meters.

cheap triggers

– HITSLAM (6.99 euros): It stands out for its simple design, since it only has one button that works as a remote shutter release. The device is compatible with Android and iOS, weighs 8 grams and Bluetooth has a range of ten meters.

Economical triggers

– SODIAL (6.20 euros): This basic trigger works on both Android and iOS. Its compact design will allow you to easily carry it in a pocket, and its weight is 20 grams. The device works with Bluetooth and has a range of ten meters.

Sodial Triggers

– CamKix with ring (11.16 euros): The trigger has an aluminum ring that can be used as a keychain. Its design is minimalist, it only has the button to capture or record a video and it weighs 19 grams. It is compatible with Android and iOS and its Bluetooth connectivity has a range of ten meters.

CamKix with mobile ring

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