Hachiko the dog turns 100 years old

In the history of famous animals, few have captured people’s hearts like Hachiko the dog, who turns 100 years old this year. The Akita dog who is renowned for his unwavering loyalty. It is a story of love and devotion that has endured over time, becoming a symbol of loyalty around the world.

Hachiko the dog

Hachiko the dog and its history

The puppy was born in 1923 in the city of Odate, Japan. He was adopted by Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, who worked at the University of Tokyo. The professor and Hachiko developed a strong and deep bond during their years together. Thus, every day, Hachiko would accompany his owner to the train station in the morning and wait for him until the evening when he returned from work.

Unfortunately, in May 1925, Professor Ueno passed away due to a stroke while at work. However, Hachiko, unaware of what had happened, continued to go to the train station every day to wait for his owner. For almost ten years, the loyal dog waited patiently at the station, regardless of the weather or the hardships he faced, such as mistreatment by some people.

The story became famous

This story of loyalty was known throughout Japan and transcended borders. Passersby who saw the dog waiting at the station were moved by his unwavering devotion. Japanese newspapers published articles about him, and his story began to reach a wider audience.

In March 1935, Hachiko the dog died at the age of 11. His death was a great shock to the community and his admirers. A statue was erected in his honor in front of Shibuya train station in Tokyo to commemorate his undying loyalty. The bronze statue of Hachiko became an iconic symbol of loyalty and unconditional love around the world.

Hachiko comes to film and literature

This story inspired several films, books and works of art. Currently, a movie produced in China, and another one produced in Japan in 1982, recall his story. However, the one that filled everyone’s hearts was the one made by Richard Gere in 2008., “Always by your side, Hachiko”.

Hachiko – Wikipedia

Thus, his story continues to be shared as a reminder of loyalty and true love. In addition to its cultural impact, it also has deeper philosophical implications.

It challenges our understanding of the relationship between humans and animals, and leads us to reflect on the meaning of loyalty and devotion.

A statue in honor of their loyalty

Today, thousands of people visit the Hachiko statue at Shibuya Station every year. It is a place of pilgrimage for those who wish to pay homage to the loyal dog and witness his touching story.

The statue also became a popular meeting point in Tokyo. Hachiko’s story is one of love and loyalty that endured over time. His unwavering devotion to his owner and his daily wait at the train station have touched the hearts of people all over the world. He reminds us of the importance of loyalty and unconditional love, and his legacy will live on forever in the statue erected in his honor.

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